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I'd like a list of popular podcasting clients.

Certainly! Here is a list of popular podcasting clients or applications that are commonly used by listeners to access and listen to podcasts:

  1. Apple Podcasts (iOS)
  2. Spotify
  3. Google Podcasts (Android)
  4. Overcast (iOS)
  5. Pocket Casts (iOS and Android)
  6. Stitcher
  7. Castbox
  8. TuneIn
  9. iHeartRadio
  10. Podbean
  11. Player FM
  12. Podcast Addict (Android)
  13. Breaker
  14. Himalaya
  15. Downcast (iOS)

These are just a few examples of popular podcasting clients available across different platforms. It's worth noting that some podcast clients may be more popular in specific regions or have unique features, so preferences can vary depending on individual user needs and geographical location.